Service Options - Barcode Scanners & Printers


Repair Options


Option # 1 Flat Rate or Per Occurrence Billing

Pricing is based on the equipment type and model. This is one set price that covers the entire item (With Few Exceptions-See SERVICE GUIDELINES Below). All equipment is cleaned and inspected for additional problems. Any issues within normal repair guidelines will be corrected. Anything deemed questionable must be discussed with you, the customer prior to correction. Contact us for a free quote.

Service Guidelines

·  Physical Damage or Missing Parts may result in up-charges

·  Batteries are not included in the repair costs

·  Standard UPS Ground Return Freight is Included in Repair Costs

·  Each Repair carries a 90-Day Warranty supported by UES

·  Three (3) to Five (5) Business Day Turnaround from our Facility in Danville, Virginia

Option # 2 Time and Material Billing

Your repair is based on the issue at hand. Pricing is is based on our hourly rate of $75.00 with a one hour minimum plus the cost of parts. Additional time beyond 1 hour will be be billed in 1/2 hour increments. All equipment is cleaned and inspected for additional issues. Any changes in your estimate would be channeled through you prior to additional work being completed. Contact us for an estimate.

Option # 3 Direct Depot (DD)

Standard depot repair via a defined written agreement and easy to initiate procedures. Herein known as a Service Agreement. Delivers a known process and turnaround time. You may execute the agreement for one (1) year or two (2) year periods and payment terms are flexible. You can pay monthly, quarterly, or annually.

 With Depot-Direct (DD) standard coverage you receive the following: 

  • Thorough testing, expert repair, all adjustment needed to restore unit to full operation. 
  • Known turnaround time – either three (3) or five (5) day after received or other options via flexible planning. Customization of your agreement is welcomed.
  • You pay in-bound shipping, the agreement covers standard return shipping via UPS Ground.
  • Access to technical support (Via Telephone) for basic on-site issues when needed.

Option # 4 UESPak Repair (UESPK) 

Using prepaid depot repair tickets, you will ensure an easy to use process at lower cost than T & M.  Rather than a service agreement, there is a simple document (UESPK)  that identifies the product and number of repairs purchased. When a repair is needed, you simply ship in the unit, include a ticket and we take care of the rest. Once the repair is made, we will return your item and send along a service report with a ticket balance report.  UESPK will show up front details such as type of equipment, defined repair guidelines and the quantity of repairs used per order.

  • You pay in bound shipping for repair, UESPK pays standard return shipping via UPS Ground
  • Covers only the basic repair as defined. Other services or accessories are available at additional charges.
  • UESPK tickets are purchased in advance of services rendered. Quantity purchased is at your discretion. 
  • Each repair decreases your remaining ticket quantity by one.
  • Two or more tickets can be used for extensive repairs on a single unit. Guidelines do apply.